Swedish Fashion Week has been canceled

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Some of you have probably heard big news already. Stockholm fashion week is offically canceled this year. Why is it such a big deal? Do you wonder why does it mean so much?

Clothes to love

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Probably everyone of us has some especially appreciated garments. Well shaped trousers, super comfy dress suitable for variety of events, comfortable and beautiful shoes. What if we had this kind of clothes exclusively?!

Lyocell as a perfect fabric?

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I am sure you have already heard of lyocell. Ok, but what is it actually? It is known to be as delicate as silk, as strong as polyester, as cooling as linen, as warm as wool and more absorbent than cotton. What is it made from? Is it vegan? Is it environmentally friendly? Is it safe? Come on, I will tell you a story!

Join Fashion Revolution Week 2019

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Have you ever heard about Fashion Revolution? No? That’s ok, you are going to find out in few minutes. Fashion Revolution is an organization founded in Great Britain after the tragic events of April 24 in 2013, when the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing 1138 workers and injuring another 2,500. It was considered the largest modern construction disaster in terms of the number of fatalities.

MAAM, more than clothes

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Since some time we have in our offer clothes made by MAAM. Mainly tops made from high quality textiles, produced in Poland with a big heart. Well, it’s all going to be about MAAM today.
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