We are all wondering what the world is going to look like after the pandemic. We are wondering how the fashion industry is going to look like. Is it going to slow down and get smarter or ‘hungry’ customers are going to shop like crazy to make up pandemic’s arrears and impoverished brands are going to happily fulfill their customer’s needs. Of course we would love the balance back, but our awareness of the power of consumption and profits cools o

Fairtrade in a time of COVID-19

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May the 9th of 2020 is The World Fair Trade Day. We should celebrate it and share more info about Fairtrde more than ever now! Why? We already wrote about fashion industry and it's lowest paid workers - garment makers losing their jobs in current situation of COVID-19 and left without any help, financial support, anything. The situation looks totally different in companies that are based on fair trade. What gives Fairtrade certificate that

Fashion Revolution 2020

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Fashion Revolution Week took place as it does annually. But different. This time online exclusively. We didn't meet in person, but we could take part in events, webinars and discussions through the internet. It is the same way that each year everyone can participate in it asking brands #whomademyclothes and that did not change.
Public spaces that usually are quite crowded were forced to close. Including clothing stores. We stay home for our own safety. Global trade flows have been disrupted and national borders are closed. This all caused global economic shock.

Leather made from apples

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So far we are very familiar with Pinatex, material made out of pineapple leafs fibre in Phillipines, quite new Mexican leather made from cactuses, and grape leather produced in Italy. What do we have in Poland? We produce tonnes (in season 500 tonnes per day) of apple pomace. Architects Aleksandra Kantor and Katarzyna Szpicmacher have found a way to use it.
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