Our vegan wardrobes - Ada

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Today we buried in Ada’s vegan wardrobe and we are publishing a short photo-relation.

Fairtrade - fair trade in Poland

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What is the situation of fair trade in Poland? World Fair Trade Day and the ongoing World Fairtrade Challenge campaign run by the Fairtrade Foundation make it a good opportunity to expand on this topic a bit.

Our vegan wardrobes - Monika

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Since you already know how we became vegans, we are now going to show you how we keep our wardrobes vegan and we’d be happy to see how you handle it yourself! Today, we are looking into Monika’s wardrobe, which, apart from proving her obvious addiction to Many Mornings socks, contains also other ethical products that you can buy at our store:

Fashion Revolution 2018

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Once again, on 24 April, Fashion Revolution launches a campaign to raise awareness and remind consumers how important is who and in what conditions produces our clothes. We know that our clients are already well aware of this and we are very happy to be surrounded by such people, but we all still have a lot of work ahead of us to make ethical fashion a norm. But as you know - big things start with small steps. So let’s start with short explanat

Vegan Week - why we're vegans?

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Today is the first day of Vegan Week - an annual event organized by the Empatia Association. On this occasion we are happy to share our stories of how we became vegans.
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