One of the main features that make shoes from spring-summer collection produced under the Fairma Ethical Design brand so comfortable is a special onSteam® microfiber (by the Spanish company Morón) used for the lining. It is very similar in touch and appearance to leather, but outcompetes it in many ways.

Airbag - recycled airbag shoes!

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“NAE (which stands for No Animal Exploitation) is the first brand in the world to make shoes of recycled airbags. This production comes with the intention of giving a new life to a material that is no longer useful, reusing the nylon present in the airbags and give them a new purpose.” – we can read at their website.

How Fashion Impacts the Environment

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Environmental protection issues are discussed both in the media and in private conversations all the time; more and more people become aware that our everyday consumer choices have a huge impact on the future of the world around us. Unfortunately, we still do not take this seriously enough.

Our vegan wardrobes - Magda

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And so here it is, the last vegan pieces of ours. From Magda’s wardrobe – this time!
On Wysokie Obcasy website we can read: “When we start going to cafes with our own cup, instead of buying a paper one; choose products in glass packaging rather than plastic; recycle garbage and, finally, cut down on animal-derived food; we are usually told: a single person’s decisions will not change anything."
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