Fairtrade, what does it mean?

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Products with the Fairtrade mark are becoming more and more common, more accessible and more popular. We are aware that by choosing certified products we make a good decision, but have you ever wondered what is actually hidden behind this logo? What does it mean for the producer, for the agent and for people working at every stage of production of the things we buy? And at the very end, what does it mean for us - consumers?


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Paris, Milan, London, New York… These are cities where the biggest fashion weeks take places every year. It is consider as very luxurious,where mostly famous tv stars and designers participate, whos products are not really affordable for an avarage human being. Now, it looks like the big fashion world is awakening. At the beggining of February in Los Angeles, the very fist Vegan Fashion Week took place.
Do you remember our last post about SUSTAINABLE FASHION AWARDS 2018? No? Click here to find out what is it about. Some details now!
We are pleased to present two more practical guides by Kupuj Odpowiedzialnie Foundation, regarding different types of textiles and their certification.
We are quite sure that you have experienced this shopping craze more than once. Huge posters informing us about bargains in all shop windows and loads of ads on the Internet. Black Friday is a sales celebration, which has gained great popularity all over the world - also in Poland.
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