All about piñatex

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We are still impressed with piñatex! This original material has properties almost identical to the leather but is devoid of toxic substances used for its tanning - which is its unquestionable advantage (one of many!).
We decided to start a series of posts about the manufacturers we work with. Most of them have a fascinating story behind creating the brand . Moreover it’s worth to tell about the philosophy which is still developing and improving.

Polshoes-relation from shoes fair

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Some time ago we visited autumn edition of the Days of Shoes Polshoes. In Warsaw, Kraków and Poznan polish shoe manufacturers were presenting their collections and trying to encourage all people associated with the shoe industry to cooperate. We couldn’t miss it!
If you decide to buy vegan shoes, it is worth to think about what you really want to buy: shoes 100% vegan, or pseudo vegan.

Slow fashion in use

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Slow fashion seems to be more and more popular idea in Poland as well as in the world. So let's get to know its main assumptions which, in practice come down to a few key thoughts:
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