International Fairtrade Day

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May 13th 2017 is an International Fairtrade Day. Fairtrade it is one of the best known certificates in ethical fashion industry. It is given by the Fair Trade International organization and the certification process is executed by FLO-CERT. which is an independent certification unit. Fairtrade certificate can be earned by producers (exporters), importers and manufacturers of fair trade products.
The story of the Ethletic sneaker starts from ball. The first fairly manufactured soccer ball in the world.

What is microfiber?

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We already know that shoes can be made from pineapple leaf fibers (piñatex), recycled plastic PET bottles and natural cork. Meanwhile a lot of vegan shoes (including those available in our store) are made from microfiber. What exactly is microfiber?

NAE - No Animal Exploitation

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Today we will introduce you the next manufacturer we cooperate with - portugal brand NAE.

Cork WOW effect

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We are actually quite familiar with cork. We know this fabric from wine bottles, cup pads , boards or boxes. Even shoes’ wedges and bags are made from cork. Meanwhile, cork is used for footwear’s outer part production as well!
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