Buy your shoes responsibly

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On November 16, 2017 we had a pleasure to take part in a meeting about global social and environmental challenges in footwear and leather industry, organized by the Kupuj Odpowiedzialnie (Buy Responsibly) Foundation, who has been dealing with this topic for two years as a part of the "Buy Shoes Responsibly" project.

Statement clothing

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If you are vegetarian / vegan, then HIGH FIVE first! We, animals, your health and the environment are more than happy about it! And secondly, from time to time you probably communicate it to other people.

A gift that it always OK? No problem!

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For a long time they overturn the myth that socks are not a good gift idea. They have a big bunch of enthusiasts and regardless of the season they sell socks like hot rolls! We talk about Many Mornings - Polish socks which are absolutely addictive (we know something about it!).
Today you will get to know another brand available in our shop. The brand is very unique and obviously worth your attention. Ladies and gentleman - NOMADIC!
We have already written about Piñatex, cork, microfiber, organic cotton, but still have a lot of information about materials that can be reasonably used in fashion. Today we will discuss the topic from a slightly different way – beneficial for the environment and supporting sustainable business.
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