Vegan shoe care guide

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We get questions about vegan shoe care. It is definitely less complicated than with leather shoes. Microfibre that we make most of our shoes from is water resistant and that makes everything much easier!
Being a conscious consumer is not easy. Every choice brings its' consequences along. If you are not living a wild, jungle life - it is hard to be 100% environmentally neutral. But we can make our choices BETTER. Today we would like to share a few words about OEKO-TEX certificate. The microfibre we make Fairma's shoes and accessories has it. We have been inspired to write about it by some of your questions about microfibre in terms of being

Fairma's shoes back in Krakow!

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If you were sad that we closed our store and our vegan shoes are available online only - we have some good news!
We are all wondering what the world is going to look like after the pandemic. We are wondering how the fashion industry is going to look like. Is it going to slow down and get smarter or ‘hungry’ customers are going to shop like crazy to make up pandemic’s arrears and impoverished brands are going to happily fulfill their customer’s needs. Of course we would love the balance back, but our awareness of the power of consumption and profits cools o

Fairtrade in a time of COVID-19

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May the 9th of 2020 is The World Fair Trade Day. We should celebrate it and share more info about Fairtrde more than ever now! Why? We already wrote about fashion industry and it's lowest paid workers - garment makers losing their jobs in current situation of COVID-19 and left without any help, financial support, anything. The situation looks totally different in companies that are based on fair trade. What gives Fairtrade certificate that
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