Cork WOW effect

Cork WOW effect
We are actually quite familiar with cork. We know it from wine bottles, cup pads , boards or boxes. Even shoes’ wedges and bags are made from cork. Meanwhile cork is used for footwear’s outer part production as well!
Cork is 100% natural raw material,100% reusable and 100% recyclable. Moreover, its extraction does not harm the trees, which cork is produced from! It is sourced from cork oak with respect to the natural development of the tree collecting only the outer part of dead bark. To obtain cork, tree is devoid of the cortical pieces’ layer without damaging the inner part, which regenerates the cork. The first time when the bark can be extracted is when a tree gets at least 25 years. Each tree is harvested every 9-12 years. There are 12 harvests during one oak’s lifetime.
Cork comes from special cork plantation and Portugal provides 50 % of cork available on the market. What is important, the extracted cork is 100% harnessed.
But going back to cork shoes... Besides the fact that they are natural and formed from fabric which extraction does not harm trees, they have some more advantages! Cork shoes are comfortable and very light due to the material’s weight. They are also completely waterproof. And of course they look really impressive as you can see in our store.


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