All about piñatex

All about piñatex
We are still impressed with piñatex! This original material has properties almost identical to the leather but is devoid of toxic substances used for its tanning - which is its unquestionable advantage (one of many!). Furthermore, it is breathable and water resistant (if you impregnate it regularly). It can be also produced in different thicknesses and various colors.
For a long time pineapple leaf fibers have been used to produce material from which the garment is created but recently designer Carmen Hijos showed that thanks to suitable processing it is possible to achieve excellent alternative to natural leather having the desired qualities - flexibility and softness.
We also love the fact that piñatex is produced without detriment of environment! The leaves are sourced from plantations which collect pineapple fruits so they are a byproduct of crops. Thanks to this fact there is no need for additional land, water, fertilizers or pesticides. Moreover (!), after obtaining the fibers remaining product which is biomass of leaves can be used as organic fertilizer which also generates additional income for farmers. It's called sustainable production!
Another huge bonus is the creation of new places to work in the Philippines (where fibers are obtained).
Piñatex production is environmentally friendly and completely ethical - both for humans and animals = piñatex is 100% vegan.
In addition, piñatex is also very aesthetic seeking ethical alternatives we have more and wider choices of great-looking, good quality materials - what great satisfaction!
The example of piñatex shows that as consumers we have a real influence on change for better. Moreover under the pressure of our expectations manufacturers can do a lot!
And how not to be amazed!
P.S. The photo shows all piñatex shoes available in our online store.


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