Longsleeve kids I LOVE VEGAN PEOPLE white
Sale! Bluzeczka dziecięca I LOVE VEGAN PEOPLE białe

Longsleeve kids I LOVE VEGAN PEOPLE white

VEGEZONE Kids' longsleeve

We know how important care of our kids' safety and comfort is. Our products are certified. The fabric is produced in Poland from top quality cotton.  Metal elements do not include nickel and also are certified. 

Simple and chic :-)

Project: MUUstudio

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19,50 zł

39,00 zł

Colour White
Feature Made in Poland

Color, size and location of the print may differ according to your monitor settings and size you choose.


1) Made in Poland - from top quality cotton at ZTK "Teofilów" S.A. which is a factory with 35 years of tradition at high quality knitwear production and sales that has biggest assortment in Poland.

2) 100% cotton, top quality and certified.

3) Thick knitwear keeps toddlers dry and comfortable.

4) Additional press studs at the neckline.

5) The print is made from FLOCK fabric by a Polish company.

6) It's perfect for a gift!

The size can vary by 5%.

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