Why we do not participate in seasonal sales?

All products you can find in our store were produced with respect for human right and dignity. The cost of work needed to produce each product is much bigger than 2% - like in fast fashion, based on slavery work.
We do not add a huge margin to the final price, which we could cut by 90% off and still earn money. Fast fashion brand can do that easily, as the price have already been paid by factory workers.
Our products are made of high quality, often innovative fabrics and their aim is to last long in a great condition. These fabrics have their price too.
Our idea is to offer high quality and sustainably made products, which you will love wearing. We encourage our Customers to shopping consciously which has nothing to do with over consumption, promoted by big sale events like Black Friday.
Yes, we do have some products on sale. Although it never is 90% off and we only do this when we have a few pairs of a model left and we need to prepare for upcoming season collection.

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