Fairma Ethical Design’s mission is to create a new better world, where by making ethical choices we can decrease people’s exploatation, animal suffering and environmental degradation. We want to create this better world through social commitment and sharing what we have, so with 10% of the profit we get from selling our own brand’s products - we sponsor the charity and educational activities.

So far we have helped:

La Fauna Animal Foundation - interventions and adoptions
Foundation’s mission is rescuing suffering, ill-treated animals, changing their fate and educating people that they are not things, but feeling creatures. The foundation is looking for new, responsible owners for rescued animals and fighting for a law that will make human’s cruelty to animals punishable.

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Buy Responsibly Foundation
The Foundation is a nationwide organization that fights for sustainable development, environmental protection, responsible consumption and production as well as respect for human rights and environmental protection principles in business.
Buy Responsibly Foundationvery actively and professionally organizes conferences, meetings and debates, movie shows, happening, exhibitions, festivals and trainings. They have also published a lot of articles, guides for non-profit organizations, companies and consumers and some booklets and scripts for teachers to help them educate children and youth.

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Animal Security Foundation
Organization actively cooperating with law authorities during interventions.
Their goals are: saving homless animals that are in danger, providing decent and happy life to animals that experience cruelty from humans, educating people to act properly towards animals and actively fighting cruelty against them.

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