Why products we offer are good choice?
Conscious choice makes World a better place. By choosing our products:
  • You support Fair Trade- you know that workers are treated with respect and earn enough money to live worthily;
  • You support cruelty-free market, as our products are 100% vegan, without any animal-derived components;
  • You support innovative and sustainable solutions, where benefits are maximized for people as well as for our Planet = you take care of the Environment;
  • You help local businesses grow, buying products made in Poland (like our brand) or made by small, family, European companies;
  • You spread the idea of conscious consumer by being a true inspiration to others
  • You choose a high quality, stylish products.

Why ethical products cost more?
  • The fact is, that prices of ethically made products differ from these offered in fast fashion. There is a few reasons for that:First of all, the price contains true cost of human labor and high quality materials. We got used to low prices and most of us don’t think of how is it possible that a piece of clothing bought in high street store is so much cheaper than it would cost if sewn by a seamstress. The problem is, that workers are the easiest source of savings, so a big part of the final price is paid by people who – in consequence are becoming economical slaves. They work up to 20 hours a day (often including children!). They earn so little that they can’t afford their basic needs and that is why kids start working at very young age – to help their parents earn for living. They loose childhood and possibility to go to school, graduate and fight for better future. The circle of poverty is closing up and they can’t get out of it. Millions of people live life like this. Ethical fashion means no compromise. Buying ethically made goods, you do not support slavery.

  • When it comes to materials’ quality in ethical fashion there is no space for compromise either – it simply would not be worth to produce something, taking care of every detail, using workers’ great experience, if it only last for couple of months. Low price has a lot to do with low quality of used materials. You won’t save any money if you will be forced to buy another piece of clothing after few weeks.

  • Innovations. Shoe made from Piñatex or high quality microfiber is an innovative product. These materials are created using new technologies based on long term research which is focused on minimizing negative environmental impact and looking for more sustainable alternatives. Yes, it is more expensive, but totally wort it!

  • Ethically made products are very often marked with different kinds of certificates. Sometimes getting one of these is a complicated process – checking if components are not toxic, how delivery chain looks like or what people’s working conditions are. As we know work means costs. However certificates give you a guarantee that specific conditions in production process are respected and that the product is safe for your health.

  • Currently, ethical fashion companies are minority at the market and have nothing in common with those big corporations. Producing huge amounts makes costs go down. That’s why small production will always be more expensive. It is all in yours -Conscious Consumers - hands. It is not a secret that more demand means more supply.
Are vegan shoes always ethical?
No. It is not only material that makes product ethical. There is much more beyond that – the way of producing material itself and its impact on environment, people’s working conditions and their salary. Information that something is not leather doesn’t say anything about other aspects.

What else makes vegan shoes great?
Buying high quality, vegan shoes you know, that the fabric is much more Eco-friendly than leather tanned witch toxic chromium VI. These kind of vegan shoes are usually made by small companies, where people work in good conditions, so they have a possibility to pay attention to every detail of the product. Fabrics we talk about are usually being examined and are free from any harmful substances = safe for your health. That is what certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100 tells you about microfiber we use to produce our shoes. What is more, it is also anti-allergic.
What is worth to mention, vegan fabrics are usually easier to take care of and lighter. They are breathable, and – depending on fabric used to make them – might regulate the temperature and humidity inside the shoe. They might also be waterproof (all these which have smooth leather look are!). Generally speaking, the comfort of use does not differ, it actually is often much better than leather shoes’.
And you can have it all without unnecessary cruelty!
Can you guarantee your products were made ethically?
We choose our suppliers very carefully. These are reliable companies, which are well known in ethical fashion industry and they let us in, to see backstage of what they are doing. We made everything we could to get to know companies from the inside. Some of them have certificates which are proof of them being ethical employers. Some of them are currently trying to get such certificates. Some of them ensure about good working conditions in their companies, showing proofs of it.
Fairma is also one of these Fair Trade companies – it gives us a great control of how and what from our products are made, and gives us confidence that we provide the greatest quality in a reasonable price.

Is Fairma Ethical Design also an ethical employer?
Respect and open mind to other people is our supreme value. We act as we say. Employment conditions are approved by both – employee and employer – due to current needs and possibilities. We respect each other, we help each other and that is why we get such a positive working atmosphere. We all know where we aim as Fairma Ethical Design – we want to talk out loud about ethical fashion because we believe that this is a right way to make world a better place. This idea is something that connects us and gives us energy to do our best.

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