Why products we offer are worth buying?


There are at least a few reasons for that. The most important ones to be mentioned are:
  • you support an ethical market, where no one is hurt (producers and their workers get sustainable salary for their work, everyone works in ethical and safe conditions, everyone has a chance for a sustainable development);
  • you support respect for animals (products we offer are 100% vegan);
  • you support environmental care (our suppliers do their best to avoid the environment overexploitation);
  • you choose products that are safe for your health (producers use natural components or ones which meet strict environmental and toxicological criteria and do not contain any harmful substances);
  • you help local businesses to develop buying their handmade, recycled or upcycled items;
  • you take a part in a noble ‘conscious consumption’ idea;
  • you take a part in ‘slow fashion’ idea;
  • you choose items you will not find in any chain of stores, so you can feel really original wearing them;
  • you buy high quality, durable (guarantee) items that are certified accordingly;
  • you choose products that in many countries are totally new and rare
Why ethical products are more expensive?
The truth is that ethically produced items are more expensive than these you can buy in any chain of stores or other stores sourcing in Asia. However their prices are comparable to high quality products that are made of high quality materials with great care (which they are!).
What then includes fair products’ price?:
  • high quality textiles (very often these are alternative and innovative materials) and other components;
  • fair and reasonable working conditions for employees who made the products - this includes wages, working time, no child labor, fair contracts (economic slavery lowers the price most);
  • health impact research;
  • all actions that allow to minimize the impact of production on the environment pollution;
  • original product that is made in limited quantity (mass production lowers prices);
  • certification costs;
  • transport and insurance;
  • importer/seller margin to ensures the possibility to operate and fair employees wages.
Are non-leather shoes always ethical?


The ethics goes far beyond the choice of non-leather material that is used in a product. It includes all components (non-animal glues, laces…). It is also strongly related to a production process and workers’ conditions. Unethical shoes can be produced without the respect for human rights (child or forced labor, poor wages, unpaid overtime, toxic working conditions, firing pregnant women, etc.).
What are high quality vegan shoes’ advantages?
It is a good investment! It is a high quality, original product made from the best possible materials and components. These shoes are made with care (mainly in small and local workshops with a high level of quality control – unlike in large, mass-producing factories). Furthermore these shoes are safe for our health since all components are tested for harmful substances. Usually insoles are made from antiallergic material.
Vegan materials are lighter and easier to maintain than natural leather. They are also easy to impregnate. Most of them are breathing, elastic, water resistant and more environmentally friendly than leather. And the most important thing – no animal was hurt in production process!
How can you be sure these items were produced ethically?
We carefully choose our suppliers. These are not random brands but trustworthy, reliable ones, known in ethical business for years. We did our best to get information (from various sources) about their practices. Some of them have certificates confirming their ethical employment policies, some are getting such certificates, and some ensure us about their good practices.
Is Fairma Ethical Design an ethical employer?
Respect and openness to others are high values for us. We put in praxis what we write and care about. Talking about ethical employment and not practicing it would be hypocrisy. We hold the rule of treating our employees like we would like to be treated. Everyone has a reasonable salary and working conditions were settled for their current needs. We respect and help each other. The atmosphere at Fairma is friendly and relaxed. We do not have any kind of rigid hierarchy but everyone has their own tasks and responsibilities. We all know where we are heading in Fairma Ethical Design – we want to propagate ethical fashion everywhere possible because we believe in it.

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