1. Fair Trade – it is a trading partnership based on respect, transparency and dialogue for increasing international trading equality.  When this happens local producers from poor, developing countries get fair salaries for their work and are supported by their trading partners regarding safe, democratic and balanced personal and environmental development.
Fairtrade is a certification system that helps to introduce Fair Trade products to a mass distribution. Specific standards and guidelines ensure end customers that they buy products made with respect for human rights.
If you want to read more about Fair Trade certificate, click here.
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2. Veganism -  a lifestyle of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. Vegans – like vegetarians – do not eat meat, but also they do not consume any other animal products (dairy, eggs, honey…).
When it comes to ethical fashion – vegans don’t buy products containing leather, wool, felt, silk and any other animal components. As you can see – veganism is a really important part of ethical fashion, which aims being FAIR to everyone.
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3. Eco – a very wide concept, as it relates to many areas of our lives. As its basic principle though, we should mention taking care of environment.
What eco fashion:
- does not overexploit natural environment;
- promotes recycling and upcycling – gives second live to your old stuff. Reuse, renew, use what you can so the environment is less exploited.
- reduces CO₂ emission by developing innovative technologies and producing high quality materials
- limits water and energy use.
Ecological fashion concentrates on high quality of human health and life. Fair fashion producers try hard to make their products totally harmless, which means free from toxic substances that are commonly abused in fashion industry. The quality determinants for fair fashion producers are certificates earned through rigorous controls of production processes.
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