Ethical fashion is an alternative for a mass production, which - most commonly - is inconsistent with socio-environmental production ethics, and its main goal is to gain possibly largest profits.
Ethical producers are primarily companies that are consciously manufacturing their goods, taking into account the  ethics  on each production level – from the design stage through choosing materials till organizing workplaces.


In praxis the ethical producer:
  • does not exploit employees, pays fair salaries for their work and does not hire children;
  • uses consciously production resources, taking into account their source, the way of their fabrication, quantity of waste they generate in production process, and finally - the disposal possibilities;
  • respects animal rights;
  • minimises impact on the environment as much as possible.
Ethical fashion it not only responsibility of manufacturers. It consists also of OUR choices, our means here individual consumers, who make conscious decisions to purchase goods that are actually GOOD.



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