Good style does not only mean the package. It also means that you take responsibility for your choices, you are aware of their consequences and you respect the world around you with all living creatures. Luckily, today we do not have to compromise and we can both – look stylish – in high quality clothing and accessories.

Fashion can mean nothing but clothes, shoes and accessories, although, at the same time it is something very variable, something that might show up as fast as disappear, to make space for another trend. This scheme is a never ending story. That is how big companies are growing. Putting pressure on being fashionable, they keep products affordable for mass consumer by all means. Low prices mean slavery, low quality products and no respect for our Planet Earth and other beings.

Performing this way fashion industry devastates environment, sorely exploits millions of people and is a cause of extermination even more animals.
Ethical fashion” in this case might sound a little bit like an oxymoron, but fashion here means nothing else but human basic need of being dressed. Its ethics though means minimizing its bad influence on Earth, through conscious choices of products, which were made with respect not only for human rights, but also for animals and environment.

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