The joy of shopping is the greatest when everything fits you well!  Your satisfaction is our priority that is why before you purchase our products, please read the below information first. It should help you choose the right size (note that sizing information refers to standard and not special ones). 


Most shoes available on our website have a sizing table, which contains information about the length of the soles. If you know how long your feet are, it is easier to choose the right size. However, if you do not know, you can measure them in two ways:
1. Measure  (in centimeters) the insole of the shoe, which fits your foot well (if it is possible, similar to the one you intend to buy);
2. Draw a straight line on a piece of paper and mark the points where the longest toe and your heel are (it is important to draw lines exactly under most salient points of your foot - look at the picture below). Then, measure the distance between those points. 
Repeat above steps for the other foot. If the length differs, choose the longer one. Add  0.5-1cm to the results (your feet need space to feel comfortable). Remember that it is better to measure your feet during the day because the result will be more precise (the feet are rested and "smaller").


Since there are some differences in the sizes of individual manufacturers, for each product you can find a sizing table (available in the description). We encourage you to check it in order to choose the best solution. In case if you are in between two sizes, you should choose the one that is more comfortable for you.
If you do not know your measurements, you can easily find them out by following the steps below:
1. To measure correctly you should wear only underwear (even the thinnest clothing can distort the result)
2. Hold centimeter horizontally and pull to your body (you should feel natural and comfortable, without pulling abdomen)
3. Detailed measurements:
* Height: measure from head to heel (without shoes);
* Bust / Chest:  measure horizontally on the widest point of the chest;
* Circuit under the bust: measure just under the breasts (at the base of the breast);
* Waist: measure loosely around the waist, in its narrowest point (without pulling abdomen);
* Hips: measure horizontally at their widest point.


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