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  • COLLONIL Shoe impregnate

    Protect & Care provides lasting and effective protection from dirt and moisture while treating with real olive oil. Thanks to the environmentally friendly sprayer it can also be used in closed rooms. It is suitable for all types of fabrics. 90% natural ingredients.

    41,90 zł 29,33 zł
  • COLLONIL Shoe polishing lotion

    Shine & Care is a treatment emulsion with natural waxes and real avocado oil, that gives leather-looking materials a brilliant shine when polished. Solvent-free. 90% natural ingredients.A short application time and quick polishing result in a brilliant shine. Suitable for smooth shoe tops, even with climate membranes.

    24,90 zł 17,43 zł
  • COLLONIL Heel cusions

    Transparent gel heel cusions, selfadhesive. Cusions the heel part and brings ultimate walking comfort. 

    39,90 zł 27,93 zł
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